You are here  :  home  |  health information  |  a to z fact sheets  |  gynaecology & women's health  |  urogynaecology fact sheets  |  vaginal pessary for prolapse health information women's health matters ask a nurse or midwife ask a pharmacist a to z fact sheets breast checks breastfeeding contraception female circumcision general hospital information gynaecology & women's health miscarriage and pregnancy loss neonatal care preparing for pregnancy pregnancy & birth why women's health multilingual fact sheets sexual assault information unplanned pregnancy publications, advocacy & education health records web links directory printer friendly page search the womens' website  vaginal pessary for prolapse vaginal pessary for prolapse - fact sheets vaginal prolapse is a common condition where the bladder, bowel or womb discend into the vagina. Symptoms include: the sensation of a vaginal lump constipation difficulty emptying the bowel or bladder problems with sexual intercourse. buy cheap viagra Treatment is recommended when you are experiencing symptoms. There are a number of ways that vaginal prolapse can be treated. Viagra 30 pills 100 mg This fact sheet is about vaginal pessary. This treatment will not be suitable for all women. What is vaginal pessary? A vaginal pessary is a device which supports the vagina. It needs to be changed every three to six months. viagra buy Vaginal pessaries have been proven to be as succesful as surgery in relieving prolapse symptoms. viagra users anonymous You and your doctor will discuss the most suitable option for you. viagra 10 mg tabs How does a pessary work? The pessary sits high inside the vagina. viagra buy boots When it is in the correct position you should not be able to feel it. viagra buy boots After the pessary has been inserted you can resume all of your normal day to day activity, including sexual activity. In fact the pessary should improve your ability to be active as it supports the prolapse and should make you feel more comfortable. viagra triangle in chicago If you feel the pessary is not working well, it can easily be removed. viagra without a doctor prescription The pessaries are made from long lasting plastic and you do not need to change them yourself. cheap generic viagra How is the pessary inserted? where to buy generic viagra online The pessary is easy to insert. generic viagra shipped overnight It is inserted through your vagina. Viagra paid insurance Your doctor can insert the pessary at your visit to the outpatient department. free viagra sample pack canada No anaesthetic is required. Sometimes a number of sizes need to be tried to find the right size for you. cheap viagra The wrong size may fall out. cheap viagra online If this happens you can dispose of the pessary and contact the hospital for an another appointment. Are there any risks? viagra buy boots Very rarely the pessary causes pressure areas in the vagina. It is important that you see your doctor every six months to have the pessary changed and to check the vagina. cheap viagra Please tell your doctor if you notice any unusual bleeding. There is no risk of the pessary being lost inside the vagina. generic viagra online Do i need to do anything with the pessary? Your doctor may ask you to use some oestrogen cream in the vagina. buy viagra This will keep the vagina healthy while the pessary is in place. buy viagra online You will need to see your d. How often can i take 20mg viagra
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